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Blaze Peppergrove Signed Fan Art

Our passion for books drives us to create art that explores the limitless possibilities in bringing a story to life. With every fan art piece we create, we set out to capture the essence of the characters and themes in a visual way. All of our pieces are laser printed onto high-quality paper, to ensure every detail is crisp and clear. Plus, each piece is signed by the artist and author themselves, making them unique collectibles that every book lover will cherish. 8x11" available. For larger sizes, send request to

juv fiction, fantasy adventure, fairies and mythical creatures, male fairy

Write, Doodle, Draw: Journaling

Perfect Journal for travel, special life event, or daily journal with room for artistic flare!

With over 100 journal pages, this journal is designed with the freedom to write sentences, paragraphs, doodle, draw or even to place ticket stubs, photos and receipts or other such memorabilia about the day's events to a form a journal or diary.  Use the four different page formats to journal about a special journey, an account of your daily life experiences, or as an emotional stress release.

Write a lot, write a little, doodle, draw and create!

interior journaling pages
interior pages of write doodle draw journaling technique
interior pages of write doodle draw journaling technique
write doodle or draw journaling technique, easy for young adults to journal
Girl Guide theme short story for first night at camp
A Guide, the First Night of Camp

A Guide, The First Night of Camp (PDF format)- An adaptation of the poem by Clement Clarke Moore for Canadian Girl Guides going to camp. It is geared towards the Girls First program elements: Guide Together Theme (the Spirit of Guiding. PDF format. pages: 5 page document. for all audiences, especially members of Canadian Girl Guides. Free to download directly from my Ko-fi Shop.

Free Download!

breast cancer journal easy to use includes inspirational prompts, gift idea for breast cancer patient
How to Breast Cancer Journal with Inspirational Prompts

This is a thoughtful journal for busy women going through breast cancer diagnosis and treatments put together with a combination of calendars, weekly logs, journal pages, bullet pages, and healthcare contact sheets. This journal will help to keep track of thoughts, important contacts, and appointments. At the beginning of each new type of page, author Lisa Adair describes how she has used the following page during her own breast cancer journey, providing an example of use from her own experiences, and reflects on the positive things she experienced and learned throughout her cancer journey.

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