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About the Author

Lisa Adair

Canadian Author Lisa Adair

Author Lisa Adair was born and raised in a small Canadian town in the heart of Northern Saskatchewan’s forestry region. Using her own experiences there as inspiration, in 2023, Lisa released her debut adult-fiction novel, The Puzzle Box (FriesenPress), the first installment of “The Glenmere Box Mysteries.”


With degrees in science and English from the University of Saskatchewan and a diploma from Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Lisa has always enjoyed writing about positive role models and personal growth. In 2023, she also authored a children’s fantasy series about urban fairies and mythical creatures, Blaze Peppergrove to the Rescue (Lisa Adair), the first installment of “The Blaze Peppergrove Adventures.”


When not writing, painting, scrapbooking, or playing the guitar, Lisa enjoys camping and hiking in and around her beautiful Saskatchewan home, where she lives with her husband, children, and their beloved rescue dog.

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