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Mystery Novels

Welcome to the Glenmere Box Mysteries!  This is a mystery series set in the 1980's small-town of Glenmere, Saskatchewan (a fictional town with fictional characters, some of whom are up to no good).

The Puzzle Box, Book #1

     In the small 1980’s Saskatchewan town of Glenmere, sixteen-year-old Amy Young wants to save enough money from her summer jobs to build a future for herself somewhere else. Anywhere would be better than living with Aunt Jeannie, who took her in when her grandmother, Dorothy, died unexpectedly, leaving behind a puzzle promising to reveal the secret to everything Amy had ever wanted. Amy hopes for a small inheritance that might help her leave Glenmere, a sleepy little town where nothing ever happens. That has been changing as of late: The gossip mill is churning with talk of an unusual rash of break-ins, theft and a shady character hanging around town. Everyone is on edge.

     The search is on for Amy’s Uncle John, her grandmother’s only living child and one of the primary benefactors. John is a known gambler who no one has seen in years. Unfortunately, the estate lawyers aren’t the only people looking for him. John’s old friend is also in town, hoping to cash in on John's inheritance before his past catches up to him and takes him out. The past is closing in fast. With every answer that comes to light leading only to more questions, Amy’s usually boring small-town life is turning on its head, with secrets, murder and mystery around every turn.

"With every secret uncovered, more questions are raised. Time is running out!"


The Ice Box, Book #2

     It’s 1985, and in the serene and sleepy little town of Glenmere, Saskatchewan, which had only been shaken by scandal and violence months before, Amy Young dreams of settling back into some semblance of normalcy. Still, she is unwillingly thrust into the limelight once again—this time as the primary suspect in a murder investigation—when she finds the frozen body of a local teenager stuffed into the freezer at the grocery store where she works.

     Randy Doyle, a rookie cop on the Glenmere police force, has always craved the adrenaline rush of big-city police work—and even more so after the previous month’s events. As each clue seems to lead directly to Amy, his newfound niece, the investigation starts hitting far too close to home, and his path forward takes a sharp turn.

     Unsure of who to trust, but willing to risk everything he has to keep Amy from going to prison for a crime she didn’t commit and to save her and her friends from becoming the next victims in what local law enforcement had dubbed the “Ice Box Murders.” The stage has been set … and the stakes have never been higher!


“A gripping tale of murder, family loyalty, and the relentless pursuit of justice!”

Adult fiction, mystery and detective, murder mystery series
Adult fiction, mystery and detective, murder mystery series
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