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Set out on a fantastical journey through an urban landscape where fairies and legendary beings live side by side!

This short story fairytale adventure collection will immerse you into the world of Blaze Peppergrove!


Genre: 1. JUV FICTION/ Action adventure/General

2. JUV FICTION/Fairytale & Folklore/General

3. JUV FICTION/Fantasy & Magic

ages 9-12, middle readers

 Blaze Peppergrove, a daring wingless fairy, is unwavering in his pursuit of realizing his aspirations within the enchanting realm of Evergreen Park. He has forsaken his familial ties and the serene life of a garden fairy to embark on an independent journey in search of excitement and wealth. Despite the challenges of residing in the destitute fairy encampment nestled beneath the juniper trees, Blaze forges connections with a diverse array of fairies while undertaking various odd jobs to amass coveted silver pieces.

Blaze Peppergrove and The Big Race; Blaze Peppergrove Adventures #1

Enticed by the prospect of a substantial reward, Blaze believes that his fortunes are on the brink of a turnaround when he enrolls in a high-stakes race around the block, offering opulent prizes. Regrettably, inclement weather introduces a slew of unexpected hurdles, making the challenge far more formidable than he had anticipated. Overcoming hurdles in a furious sprint to the finish!

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Blaze Peppergrove and The Web of Lies #2

To be Announced!  Follow the newsletter for character backgrounds, fairy house spotlights, new release information, free downloads, and sneak peeks!

"Wow time flies when you are busy marketing! I have started this story but it isn't ready yet!" - author Lisa Adair

Here is the basis of this story:

In the heart of the city cloaked in shadows and secrets, two homeless fairies of Evergreen Park, Blaze and Wolf, stumble upon an unusual opportunity that plunges them into a realm of stolen silver and harrowing escapes. Little do they know, this adventure will reveal the heroes within, pit them against relentless criminals, and illuminate the profound worth of their friendship. Will their extraordinary journey rewrite their destinies and reshape Juniper Woods' future?

glimpse in progress.jpg

Blaze Peppergrove to the Rescue: Blaze Peppergrove Adventures (prequel)

Following a disheartening job interview at the largest fairy employment agency, Blaze makes a daring choice to wager everything on a perilous mission: rescuing a missing fairy in exchange for a significant bounty. He plans to take advantage of this reward to establish his own enterprise, ensuring his financial freedom. However, his path is filled with peril, and he must confront and clear the dangers that lie ahead. A brave pursuit of adventure, reward and friendship!

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Blaze Peppergrove to the Rescue eBook co
Fairies & mythical creatures in an action fantasy adventure, Juvenile Fiction, ages 8-12
Fairies & mythical creatures in an action fantasy adventure, Juvenile Fiction, ages 8-12

About the cover art

Fairies & mythical creatures in an action fantasy adventure, Juvenile Fiction, ages 8-12

 for "Blaze Blaze Peppergrove to the Rescue"

Milo Adair

Artist Milo Adair is currently enrolled in Studio Art on the University of Saskatchewan campus exploring art mediums and art history. When he is not studying, completing commission pieces, and playing video games, Milo uses markers, ink and watercolours to draw his favourite superhero characters. 

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