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About the Author Lisa Adair

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genres: Fiction Mystery/Crime (The Glenmere Box Mysteries); Fantasy-adventure (Blaze Peppergrove Adventures)

Author Lisa Adair grew up in a small town in the forestry region of northern Saskatchewan. With an English and Science degree, and a love of the mystery genre, especially when it showcases positive role models on journeys of self-discovery, she looks forward to continuing her examination of Glenmere and its colourful characters with the Glenmere Box Mysteries, which she has kicked off with The Puzzle Box, inspired by her own experience with small-town Canadian life in the 1980s.

When Lisa is not writing, painting, scrapbooking, or playing the guitar, she enjoys camping and hiking in and around beautiful Saskatchewan, where she lives with her husband and teenaged children, and the family’s beloved rescue dog.

Author Lisa Adair

About the Book!!

The Puzzle Box

Glenmere Box Mysteries, Book #1

In the small Saskatchewan town of Glenmere, sixteen-year-old Amy Young wants nothing more than to save enough money from her summer jobs to try to build a future for herself somewhere else. Anywhere would be better than living with Jeannie, her aunt by marriage, who took her in when her grandmother Dorothy, who had always taken care of her, dies unexpectedly. Anywhere would be better than Glenmere, a sleepy little town where nothing ever happens…. But that has been changing as of late. The gossip mill is churning with talk of an unusual rash of break-ins and theft and a shady character or two hanging around town, and it has everyone on edge.

But Amy just wants to keep her head down and keep plugging away at her jobs, even as she hopes that with the reading of her grandmother’s will, she might get some sort of small inheritance that might help her on her way. It’s taking forever though. The search is on for Amy’s uncle John, Dorothy’s only living child and one of the primary inheritors, a known gambler and addict that no one has seen in years. Unfortunately, the estate lawyers aren’t the only people looking for him. An old “friend” of John’s is in town as well, hoping to cash in on his inheritance before his own past catches up to him and takes him out. And that past is closing in fast.

With every answer that comes to light leading only to more questions, Amy’s normally boring small-town life is turned on its head, with secrets, murder, and mystery seemingly around every turn, but the only puzzle that matters to her is the one left to her by her beloved grandmother, with the promise of revealing the secret to everything she’s ever wanted.

Releasing in 2023!

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